Saturday, April 20, 2013

Arc Reactor Upgrade!

I started with the Think Geek arc reactor.  I found an image of the new arc reactor and scaled it to the size of the one I already had.

The triangular section was printed and cut out in card stock.

I traced the design onto some plastic I had from a Thai food container.

The plastic from the old piece was trimmed and the new plastic was inserted behind it.

Assembled, no lights.

Powered up.

Hooray!  No more of that pesky palladium poisoning.  It's certainly not perfect.  The LEDs are spread out to accommodate the old piece, but there's a decent amount of light diffusing through the white portion to make it look good.


  1. Nice custom work and creativity.

    The only problem I have to point out is that, unless you're counting the oversized arc reactor at Stark Industries, the Mark IV is the Iron Man 3 Arc Reactor.
    The one you made is the Mark III from Iron Man 2.

    The Iron Man 3 Arc Reactor looks like this: