Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Megaman Build!

For a while now, my wife has had a Samus Aran costume that has evolved over the past few years.  I wanted to build a character to go along with it, but Samus is kind of a solo character.  The next best thing was to go with a classic NES era, arm cannon wielding character.  I decided on a variation of Mega Man X because I didn't want the giant flared boots.

I started by building everything in card stock.  Then I cut the pieces out in 1/8" PVC. 

I was very worried about the boots staying in one piece, so these got bolted together. 

I had some trouble with the compound curves.  Also, there was a lot of fiberglassing going on inside.

The helmet began its Mega Man career as a child sized, used lacrosse helmet.

Because we don't have a garage, the bondo work was all done in parents; garages and basements.  I chose to leave some holes in the helmet for ventilation.  Also, at some point, I didn't like the shape of the arm cannon.  So I smashed it and built it with polystyrene rings around a pvc tube.

Bondo FACE!



Other colors of paint.

The belt buckle gem and the helmet gem were made with sculpy.

The belt got pockets!  They were sized to my phone.

Nose pick check:  success.

I finished the entire thing with 1/8" thick striping tape from the auto parts store.  I wanted to get a cell shaded look and I think it came out pretty well.  The insides of the boots got some foam to protect my feet and shins.  I was also worried that the boots would fall off of my feet.  

Here's a final shot with Jaimi/Samus.  The suit is a blue morph suit.  Overall, the costume worked quite well.  I later had an issue with a foot bit ripping off.  This was mostly due to an unscheduled off road trek.

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